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Welcome to landhermitcrabs.com, the Internet's oldest land hermit crab website!

Landhermitcrabs.com was founded as freeboard in the late 1990's and has weathered the years to become one of the Internet's most closely-knit communities, and the best kept secret in the online hermit crab community! Here you will find hermit crab lovers of all ages, backgrounds, levels of experience, you name it -- and all willing to share their advice on raising healthy land hermit crabs with you. Landhermitcrabs.com is open to people of all ages. All that we ask is that you observe the golden rule and treat others as you'd want to be treated. If you're unsure how this is done and you require more guidance, we have a page of simple rules that all members are expected to follow.

Landhermitcrabs.com is run by a dedicated team of Administrators who have demonstrated both mature, excellent judgment and a total commitment to the welfare of land hermit crabs. They are becoming known in the online hermit crab hobbyist's community as some of the web's best Administrators.

The heart of landhermitcrabs.com is its Forum. This is where we all meet and share information on land hermit crab care. Please feel free to come into our Forums and look around. Landhermitcrabs.com takes pride in being a place where both newbie and old hand are welcomed and put at ease. If you visit and decide that you want to become a member, please bookmark that link, as it will take you directly to the Forum and you won't need to view this page again.

LHC's Archives are some of the best places online for looking up care information for your pet hermit crab and any individual crab-care situation. If you are visiting us for the first time and have a question that needs answering, we suggest you start your search for an answer in our Archives.

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Thank you for your interest in landhermitcrabs.com, and "Happy crabbing!"